My name is Peter Merrett and I am the music manager of independent radio station PBS FM. We are the biggest independent music based station in the country. We have just received your cd "Bearing Good Fruit" from radiodirectx and were most impressed by every message held within your emotive heartfelt lyrics. Excellent indeed. I have decided to place your cd with Peter Mile's "The Gospel Show" at 9am to 11am Sunday mornings. Peter has a must listen to show here in Melbourne and has an enormous following...Once again, thank you for your music and on behalf of us all may I extend to you a warm welcome to PBS FM and Melbourne, Australia.” - Peter Merrett

PBS FM Australia

Indeed inspiring! Love the title. We are to bear good fruit and I pray much goodness and fruit comes from this cd and more!” - Mrs. J. Jolley

— 3 BBR FM (Australia)

Great lyrics that inspire. Very inspirational!” - William Wilhelm Bedzrah

— Sky Broadcasting Company, Ltd. (Ghana)

When I first heard this CD especially the intro, I looked around the studio and then up thinking, uh oh, I am in trouble! And then realized it was the cd. Very powerful, and makes you want to reconsider your ways. This is a great CD to help you keep the faith” - Scott A. Clark

— Busradio International (Florida)

We have put your CD in the submission que for airplay review at one of our member stations; WRVU in Nashville, TN. We will also be submitting it for airplay review to 2 of our other member statins! Great job!” - Jason Steen

— Neoreal Media (Nashville, TN)

Very interesting album with many twists within. Great work! Loved track number 6, "Extreme Life". We have added it to our rotation!” - Graham J. Barclay

— Soundwave FM (New Zealand)

I really enjoyed listening to this CD. I would definitely consider playing them on any one of my radio shows!” - Graham Lewis

— North Norfolk Radio (United Kingdom)