Michelle "Magica" Canbuldu - Singer/Songwriter

Some people know me as Michelle Canbuldu (pronounced JOHNbullDO)and others know me as Magica. (Pronounced MAHgikA). Magica was a name given to me when I was a bellydancer in New Jersey. There were many days that I sat stuck in traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway (bored) that I started writing some of my best songs which are included on this 1ST CD BEARING GOOD FRUIT. It wasn't until I moved to Southeast Florida that we met up with a New Producer from The Write Note Foundation DOUGLAS COOPER "THE COOP" GETSCHAL and started putting together our very first CD. This process was very expensive and took a long time, due to the fact that we could only afford to Produce & ARRANGE one song at a time, for a while, anyway. I started out as an Opera singer and was proud to be a part of the Palm Beach Opera . My biggest challenge was learning two operas; La Traviata (in Italian) and Carmen (in French). I had to learn both Operas, in two different languages, at the same time!  I still enjoy singing Opera. I live in a town called Wellington, F.L. world famous for Palm Beach Polo and Polo matches. I happen to love riding horses and there are many horse farms here that will accomodate experienced and in-experienced riders. I also love show-jumping (although I have been asked NOT to participate in this because it can be dangerous)! I also enjoy working out at our local LA Fitness gym. Of course, my number #1 hobby is songwriting first and then singing. Although, before writing the song Spirit, Spirit, I actually learned how to play some Acoustic Guitar, and came up with the chords, that turned into this incredible song! Mark and I are so happy to finally bring this project to completion and we hope that you will really enjoy listening & PURCHASING $$$ it. Life can be hard and challenging at times, and GOD knows we have written about so many different life experiences! One of my favorite songs on the CD that I wrote called, Extreme Life, is a perfect example of the many challenges that we sometimes face. But, if we keep our LOVE & Faith in the KING-Lord, Jesus Christ, he will see us through all of our trials and tribulations! Amen to that!

Mark DiGennaro - All Around Musician, Co-Songwriter

Mark LOVES the Spotlight and prefers to be out in the open. He is an outstanding Drummer, Percussionist, and all around musician. Not bad for someone who never took any professional lessons! He taught himself how to play DRUMS & PERCUSSIONS AND HAD PIANO LESSONS IN HIS YOUTH , just like John Bonham & some of The Greats! Mark Sings, plays Keyboards, writes Great Inspiring MOTIVATIONAL DIFFERENT GENRE OF Music. WHEN IT COMES TO ARTFORM - LYRICS - MUSIC -WRITING MARK'S THE BEST!

This Singer and Songwriter Magnifies Being a True Musician.